Bladder Control Pads

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  • FitRight Active Male Guards

    Quick Overview

    • These FitRight™ Active Male Guards have a soft breathable back sheet for increased comfort and discretion
    • Super absorbent core with fast acquisition layer for optimal dryness and protection
    • Adhesive to hold product in underwear

    $42.00$113.75 $21.00$72.98

  • Double-Up Incontinence Liners

    Quick Overview

    • These Double-Up Liners add absorbency to disposable briefs and undergarments for extended protection.
    • Ultra-thin technology improves dryness with super-absorbent polymer.
    • Adhesive strip help keep liner in place.
    • Soft and gentle for a superior feel against the skin.
    • Individually wrapped for added convenience.

    $18.17$142.80 $7.45$72.19

  • Capri Bladder Control Pads

    Quick Overview

    • Capri Bladder Control Pads are individually wrapped for portability and discreetness.
    • The elastic leg gathers help prevent leaks and the super-absorbent polymer improves dryness, containment, and skin care.
    • Adhesive strip keeps pad in place.
    • Available in Regular (2.75″ x 9.75″, 7 cm x 25 cm), Extra Plus (3″ x 10.5″, 8 cm x 27 cm) and Ultra Plus, 3.25″ x 13″ (8 cm x 33 cm).

    $72.35 $30.45$31.39

  • Capri Plus Bladder Control Pads

    Quick Overview

    • Capri Plus™ Bladder Control Pads have a breathable cloth- like outer cover for a dry feeling against the skin
    • Blue acquisition layer, and super-absorbent core locks fluid and keeps it away from the body to help protect the skin
    • Elastic leg gathers and contoured design create a discreet, secure and comfortable fit
    • Available in sizes Regular, 5.5″ x 10.5″ (7 cm x 25 cm); Extra Plus, 6.5″ x 13.5″ (8 cm x 27 cm) and Ultra Plus, 8″ x 17″ (8 cm x 33 cm)

    $10.08$122.54 $5.41$66.78