Cast Protectors

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  • CURAD Moleskin Roll

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Adhesive Moleskin can be used to prevent blisters, corns, calluses and chafing.
    • This roll of tan colored flannel has a napped cotton backing on a zinc oxide-based adhesive that helps prevent irritation.
    • Cut to desired size.
    • Contains natural rubber latex; 200030B is latex free.
    • 9″ x 4 Yards

    $27.09$309.75 $14.45$206.58

  • CURAD Cast Protectors

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Cast Protectors help keep casts, bandages, or wounds dry while showering.
    • Unique opening stretches to fit over the cast and then regains its original shape to fit tightly.
    • Reusable

    Packaging: Case of 6

    $116.13 $47.78$57.59