Curad® brand products offer protection for the entire family. From our unique and colorful character bandages to hospital quality gauze items.

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  • Premium Tri-Panel Abdominal Binders

    Quick Overview

    • 9″ Abdominal Binders:
    • Made with latex-free elastic for optimal support
    • Contact closure for easy adjustment
    • Tri-panel design to reduce rolling.
    • Premium, 46″ – 62″, Large/X-Large.

    $24.19$27.55 $13.65

  • Wrist Splints

    Quick Overview

    • Nylon lined foam material is soft and breathable.
    • Slip-on design with three loop lock closures helps to achieve the desired level of compression
    • Removable and adjustable aluminum palmer stay
    • Available in right or left wrist styles

    $20.23 $10.51$13.59

  • CURAD Lace-Up Ankle Splints

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Lace-Up Vinyl Ankle Splint immobilizes weak ankles.
    • Vinyl splint is a flexible, breathable material that grants full range of movement while providing great ankle stability.
    • Perfect for athletes with ankle instability or anyone with a mild to moderate ankle sprain.
    • Plastic stays on both sides of ankle for total support.
    • Great for athletes to wear to prevent ankle injuries.
    • Will fit on either the right or left ankle.

    $30.63$148.93 $17.88$42.06

  • Pediatric Arm Slings

    Quick Overview

    • Make your young patients smile with this poly/cotton blended fabric with fun pediatric print.
    • 1″ (2.5 cm) wide adjustable shoulder strap with foam pad ensures a proper fit while reducing neck and shoulder strain.
    • Hook-and-loop closure for quick and easy application.
    • Thumb loop inhibits sling migration.
    • Child, 13″ L x 7″W (33 x 17.8 cm).

    $9.56 $4.75$5.80

  • Elastic Wrist Splints

    Quick Overview

    • Latex-free cotton elastic is soft and durable.
    • Contact closure ensures ease of application.
    • Malleable palmer stay for added support and proper fit.
    • Right
    • Medium. 7″ (17.8 cm) L,6-1/2-7-1/2″ (16.5-19.1 cm) Circumference.

    $17.54 $8.36$8.90

  • CURAD Hot/Cold Packs

    Quick Overview

    • Easy-to-use,reusable gel pack provides both hot and cold therapy.
    • Use cold for pain and swelling, hot for muscle aches and stiffness.
    • The product can be heated in the microwave and then applied to affected area.
    • For cold therapy, store the gel pack in the freezer and use as an ice pack.
    • Each pack also comes with a cover.
    Packaging: Box of 24

    $108.64 $44.20

  • CURAD Pediatric Arm Slings

    Quick Overview

    • Supports the weight of an arm
    • Allows injured shoulder or arm muscles to relax
    • Fun, Pediatric print with shoulder pad
    • CURAD® retail packaging
    • 1 Arm sling

    $25.80$51.59 $6.50$14.35

  • CURAD Powder-Free Textured Latex Exam Gloves

    Quick Overview

    • Curad® Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves have excellent barrier properties combined with great fit and feel.
    • The textured surface ensures a secure grip while the superior elasticity provides exceptional comfort and strength.

    $21.70$154.00 $8.57$79.91

  • CURAD Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Non-sterile Powder-Free Latex-Free Stretch Vinyl Exam Gloves are an advanced formulation stretch vinyl that conform to the hands for excellent sensitivity when touch is critical.
    • Easy to put on and take off.
    • Tapered at the cuff to minimize cuff roll down.

    $19.85$147.00 $9.82$72.29

  • CURAD Powder-Free Latex-Free 3G Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Quick Overview

    • These soft, comfortable third generation stretch synthetic vinyl gloves are 100% latex-free and DEHP free.
    • The narrow cuff reduces roll down.

    $13.58$101.50 $5.56$48.51

  • CURAD Nitrile Exam Gloves

    Quick Overview

    CURAD® nitrile exam gloves are an excellent latex-free alternative.
    • Dependable strength and chemical resistance.
    • Blue color with full texture for better grip.
    • Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.

    $25.59$220.50 $11.42$102.14

  • CURAD Cast Protectors

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Cast Protectors help keep casts, bandages, or wounds dry while showering.
    • Unique opening stretches to fit over the cast and then regains its original shape to fit tightly.
    • Reusable

    Packaging: Case of 6

    $116.13 $47.78$57.59