Hand Sanitizers

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  • Epi-Clenz Instant Hand Sanitizers

    Quick Overview

    • Epi-Clenz® Instant Hand Sanitizer is an essential germ-killing aid to your employees when soap and water are not readily available
    • Contains ethyl alcohol and moisturizers to clean hands as it kills most common germs
    • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe the skin

    $3.85$118.06 $1.50$69.51
    5 out of 5

  • Spectrum Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Quick Overview

    • SpectrumTM hand sanitizer gel contains 70% ethyl alcohol
    • Ethyl alcohol and moisturizers to clean hands as it kills most common germs
    • Gel formula evaporates quickly on hands
    • Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe the skin

    $3.85$118.06 $1.50$69.51

  • Epi-Clenz Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizers

    Quick Overview

    • Germ killing and skin conditioning you expect from all Epi-Clenz® products
    • Instant foam hand antiseptic leaves hands feeling soft and healthy
    • Effective against bacteria including MRSA and VRE
    • Designed to be “drip-free” and dispensed in a convenient and easy-to-use package
    • Fragrance-free
    • Contains 62% Ethyl Alcohol

    $11.48$196.84 $5.18$108.16

  • Epi-Clenz Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes

    Quick Overview

    • An antimicrobial hand wipe with 65% alcohol per CDC recommendations.
    • Medline Epi-Clenz+ ® Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes sanitize while providing the friction needed to remove visible soils and harmful pathogens from the hands all in a convenient, disposable wipe.
    • Many hand sanitizers cause drying and chafing after repeated use.
    • Epi-Clenz+ wipes are gentle on skin.
    • Each wipe is enriched with soothing moisturizers, aloe and vitamin E.

    $19.22$200.34 $8.53$100.59

  • Sterillium Comfort Gel Hand Sanitizers

    Quick Overview

    • Sterillium Comfort Gel kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds without water
    • Helps increase skin moisture level
    • Leaves hands feeling soft and healthy
    • Dermatologically tested
    • 1000mL bottle works with dispensers LXT10PUSH8 and LXPUSH

    $10.19$670.53 $5.27$364.51

  • SANI-HANDS Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes

    Quick Overview

    Demonstrated 99.99% effective reduction of gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi and yeast. Clinical study demonstrated higher microbial log reduction than an alcohol rub-in gel. Fragrance-free and dye-free. Removes soil and bacterial from hands. Contains 65.9% ethyl alcohol with moisturizing aloe, glycerin and Vitamin E. Unique deep well lid on canister seals securely to prevent moisture loss.

    $17.29 $8.53