Impregnated Gauze

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  • CURAD Sterile Xeroform Gauze

    Quick Overview

    • Petrolatum gauze with xeroform, a medicating and deodorizing agent with 3% Bismuth Tribromophenate.
    • Occlusive non-adherent dressing contraindicated for draining wounds.
    • Sterile, latex-free.

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  • CURAD Sterile Petrolatum Gauze

    Quick Overview

    • An effective, non-adherent primary dressing that maintains a moist wound bed for autolytic healing.
    • U.S.P. cotton gauze is evenly impregnated with U.S.P. white petrolatum to create a soothing, conforming dressing that won’t stick to the wound site.
    • Ideal for use on non-draining wounds including tube sites, stomas, skin grafts, circumcision, burns, umbilical bandage, non-infected wounds, pressure ulcers (stage 2-4), fistulas or abrasions.
    • Latex-free

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  • CURAD Sterile Oil Emulsion Gauze

    Quick Overview

    • Knitted, high porosity cellulose acetate is evenly impregnated with U.S.P. white petrolatum in an emulsion blend that permits the flow of exudates without adhering to granulating tissue and minimizes skin maceration.
    • Highly conformable dressing is ideal for lightly draining wounds including minor burns, lacerations and abrasions.
    • To be used directly on the wound, beneath an absorbent secondary dressing.
    • Latex-free
    Packaging: Box of 36

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  • Skintegrity Hydrogel Impregnated Gauze

    Quick Overview

    • Hydrogel is compression saturated onto gauze sponges, ensuring thorough coverage.
    • Special hydrogel formulation, with added aloe, balances viscosity and hydration.
    • Unfolded gauze sponges easily conform to deep or tunneling wounds.

    Packaging: Case of 30

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