Intermittent Catheter Trays

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  • Pre-Connected Vinyl Catheterization Trays

    Quick Overview

    • These sterile kits are ideal forself-catheterization training or for when disposal of urine is not readily available.
    • Includes water-soluble lubricating jelly, 1000cc collection bag, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape, and specimen container with ID label.
    • All CSR wrapped.
    • Also includes two other available options: 14 Fr vinyl catheter, 3-pk. PVP swabsticks, and vinyl gloves; or 14 Fr vinyl catheter, 5-pk. PVP swabsticks, 2 dry swabsticks, vinyl gloves and graduated collection basin.

    $9.03$141.68 $4.00$81.79

  • Urethral Catheterization Trays

    Quick Overview

    • Urethral Catheterization Trays include a graduated collection basin, urethral catheter, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape and specimen container with ID label.
    • A variety of trays are available with different components.
    • Available options include CSR Wrapped Tray, Vinyl or Red Rubber Catheter, 3-pk. PVP or BVK swabsticks and more.

    $6.02$120.19 $2.56$65.73

  • My-Cath Touch-Free Self Catheter System

    Quick Overview

    • Special closed system design reduces mess, eases disposal and reduces contamination risk by allowing a touch-free catheterization.
    • The catheter and introducer are coated with a water soluble lubricant for ease of insertion.
    • Catheter guide allows for simple, protected control of catheter during insertion.
    • 1500mL collection bag eliminates the need for separate container, reducing the chance of spillage.
    • Kit includes: Collection bag, Moisture-proof underpad, Wrapped gloves and PVP swabsticks (3/pk).
    • Sterile.

    $7.21$378.00 $4.12$212.63