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  • Lifestyle Transfer Disc

    Quick Overview

    Turn any seating surface into a convenient swivel for easier transfers with the Lifestyle transfer disc. The transfer disc reduces the physcial effort needs to move between seats, and its nonslip surfaces ensure security and safety.

    $149.60$167.20 $50.48$52.12

  • Lifestyle Transfer Board with Hand Grips

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    The Lifestyle transfer board is a simple aid to moving into and out of a wheelchair. The attractive lacquered birch board offer superior strength, capably accommodating patients up to 440 pounds.

    $94.60$99.00 $37.49$40.35

  • Lifestyle Transfer Board

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    The Lifestyle transfer board is a simple aid to moving into and out of a wheelchair. The attractive lacquered birch board offer superior strength, capably accommodating patients up to 440 pounds. Available in 24″ or 30″ Lengths.

    $85.80$90.20 $45.95$48.97

  • Bariatric Transfer Board

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    The Drive Medical Bariatric Transfer Boards provide a simple solution to transferring people between chairs, beds, wheelchairs and any other device necessary for day-to-day living. With a weight capacity of 600 pounds, these boards are a “must have” for caregivers.

    $224.14$240.16 $57.12$61.40

  • Lifestyle Padded Transfer Belt

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    Caregivers who need help with lifting and transferring patients can find helpful assistance with a Padded Transfer Belt from Drive Medical. When the patient wears this comfortable and durable belt, it provides convenient vertical and horizontal handholds to help lift and guide them when getting up, sitting down or transferring to or from a wheelchair, bed, vehicle or toilet. It also allows the caregiver to offer assistance with patient while walking. And the using the belt is much easier on the caregiver’s back. Comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

    $199.98 $82.82

  • Hand Held Reacher

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    Easily reach objects–whether high or low–with the Hand Held Reacher from Drive Medical. The easy trigger requires only slight pressure to grab items without the need for bending or reaching. Plus, the reacher is lightweight, yet durable, and folds flat when not in use for transport or storage.

    $45.98$49.00 $23.21$25.70

  • Quilted Walker Tote Bags

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    Keep personal items easily within reach when strolling with your walker or Rollator with the convenient and stylish Quilted Walker Tote Bag from Drive Medical. The dual-sided bag attaches easily to the frame of the your mobility device with hook and loop fasteners and provides large 14″ x 14″ pockets, great for books, magazines, wallets and more. Available in Solid Colors or attractive Patterns.

    $59.98 $27.92

  • Low Profile Amputee Seat

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    The Low Profile Amputee Seat by Lifestyle Essentials provides a platform to prevent knee flexion contractures. Fully retractable extensions for ease of transfers. Easily removed from chair when not required. Includes 2 amputee cushions.

    $559.98$579.98 $237.37$254.04

  • Lifestyle Essential Eating Utensil

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    Limited hand grasping ability, as from arthritis, can make everyday activities a challenge. Even something as simple as eating can prove difficult. That’s why Drive Medical’s Lifestyle Essential dining utensils are a great solution. Their ergonomic contoured design makes them a comfortable fit in the hand, while providing excellent stability. Plus, these dishwasher safe utensils are attractive enough to be at home at any table.

    $39.98 $20.01

  • Lifestyle Flannel Bib

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    Keep the front of your clothing mess-free when eating with the Lifestyle flannel bib. The attractive bib also repels liquid, making it great for avoiding the mess of spills. It’s fully machine washable and a snap fastener keeps it securely in place. Comes in Medium or Large.

    $53.98 $22.25$23.25

  • Stocking Aid

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    The Stocking Aid by Lifestyle Essentials makes it possible to put on stockings without bending. Curved cut outs on the sides hold the sock while it is being pulled up the leg. This product allows the user to easily pull the sock or stocking up with minimal effort.

    $51.98$54.68 $24.71$24.85

  • Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces

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    The Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces by Lifestyle Essentials are available in three attractive colors allowing you to coordinate with many different styles. Designed to make slipping on or taking off a pair of shoes or sneakers easier, without having to untie the laces. The elastic shoelaces make it easier for individuals with arthritis and those who have trouble bending. These 27″ long Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces provide an easy solution to any everyday task.

    $31.98 $15.39