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  • Ovation Pillows

    Quick Overview

    • Stand up to fluids with the comfort of home.
    • Ovation® Pillows are yet another fluid-proof option.
    • These pillows have a hypo-allergenic ticking, and they feature a soft, quiet feel just like your pillows at home.
    • All this at a price designed to meet your budget.
    • These pillows come vacuum-packed similar to the Nylex Ultra.

    $10.54$22.93 $5.64$13.94

  • Classic Disposable Pillows

    Quick Overview

    • Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination with these single-use pillows
    • They offer the kind of comfort found in more expensive reusable pillows.
    • Made of flame- retardant, garneted polyester.

    $55.13$67.31 $33.43$41.78

  • MedSoft Pillows

    Quick Overview

    • Medsoft pillows offer all the protection and safety advantages of other designer vinyl pillows without the designer price.
    • These pillows feature a soft, vinyl ticking that is mold resistant, inherently flame-retardant, antimicrobial, antistatic, and fluid-proof.
    • This pillow combines both function and economy.

    $14.28 $14.01