Safety Aids

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  • Chrome Grab Bars

    Quick Overview

    • Knurled-texture steel bars are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas.
    • Use grab bars in the kitchen, along stairways, or in the laundry room for additional fall prevention.
    • Combine grab bars with an elevated toilet seat or transfer bench for additional stability.
    Packaging: Case of 3

    $63.91$92.86 $25.68$50.86

  • Elevated Toilet Seat

    Quick Overview

    • Constructed of heavy-duty white polyethylene, it raises seat level by 4-1/2″.
    • Seat width is 15″; 300-lb. weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame; six month warranty on handles, “wearable” parts, grips, screws.

    $37.73$101.68 $20.75$49.28

  • Elevated Locking Toilet Seat

    Quick Overview

    • Front clamping mechanism locks the seat onto the toilet so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose or shifting during use or transfer.
    • Wide, contoured surface raises seat level by 5″.
    • Provides maximum comfort and fits most toilet bowls from 11″- 14″ long.
    • Available with or without arms

    $51.87$162.09 $28.83$67.98

  • Toilet Safety Rails

    Quick Overview

    • Handles are adjustable and rotate back to allow a wide range of comfortable and secure positions.
    • Closed cell foam armrests provide a comfortable, sure grip.
    • Adjustable height 26″-31″ (66-74cm) accommodates standard or elevated toilet seats.
    • Easy to clean aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl with adjustable bracket 18″-24″ (46-61cm).
    • Height Adjustment armrest to floor: 26″-31″ (66-74cm); Width Adjustment between armrests: 8″-24″ (46-61cm); Overall • Depth: arm 16.75″ (43cm),at leg 12″ (30cm); Weight capacity 250lbs (114kg).

    $63.35$72.91 $32.28$39.68

  • Enamel Grab Bar

    Quick Overview

    • Rugged enamel-coated steel bars can be used horizontally or vertically and come complete with mounting hardware.
    • 1-1/4″ gripping diameter bar complies with ADA Guidelines; 1-1/2″ clearance from wall.
    • 250-lb. weight capacity.
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame; Six-month warranty on handles, “wearable” parts, grips, screws.

    $73.57 $37.34

  • Tub Grab Bars

    Quick Overview

    • Tub Grab Bar has a step-through clamp design that provides unobstructed entry/exit path for better hand positioning.
    • Tool-free installation has stainless steel components with rubber-lined pads that won't mar tub surface.
    • Adjust to fit tubs 2.75″- 6.25″ (7-16 cm).

    $66.36$121.38 $37.76$58.66

  • Universal Raised Toilet Seat

    Quick Overview

    • Universal Locking Raised Toilet Seat has height-adjustable brackets that allow theseat to fit over any toilet.
    • Brackets are vinyl covered to prevent chipping or scratching of porcelain.
    • Seat is height adjustable with plastic splash guard to make cleaning easy.
    • 250-lb. (113 kg) Weight capacity; Seat elevation, 4.75″-6.75″ (12-17 cm).

    $176.93 $68.75

  • Locking Raised Toilet Seats with Arms

    Quick Overview

    • Makes using the toilet easier for those with trouble bending.
    • Raises seat height 5″ (12 cm) above the toilet.

    $84.32 $49.28