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  • Knitted Dealer Pack Sheet Set-Twin

    Quick Overview

    • Soft-Fit® knitted dealer pack sheet set includes contour sheet, 19 oz.; fitted flat sheet, 14.6 oz.; and and pillowcase, 3 oz.
    • Made of 55% combed cotton / 45% polyester, these soft sheets provide maximum resident comfort and minimize the chance of skin breakdown.
    • The cotton yarns are taken through a “combing” process to ensure that we use the strongest and finest yarns.
    • Since these sheets are knitted instead of woven, they come out of the dryer virtually wrinkle-free with no need for ironing.
    • Constructed with Spandex in the binding to provide an even better fit to the mattress.
    Packaging: Case of 6

    $302.19 $154.00