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  • Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair

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    The Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair by Drive Medical is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a portable pediatric wheelchair. This pediatric wheelchair, which is available in two sizes, provides mobility, comfort, and safety for the user. The flip-back, padded desk arms allow the chair to be rolled right up to a table or desk without getting in the way while still providing substantial comfort, and make transferring into and out of the chair quick and easy. The Wallaby Pediatric Folding Wheelchair has two accessories available (a Headrest Extension and an “H” Harness), and when used in conjunction with both this chair is WC19 Bus Transit approved.

    $1,100.00 $359.83

  • Kanga TS Tilt In Space Wheelchair

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    The Drive Medical Kanga TS Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair from Wenzelite offers your customers versatility with an economical seating system that includes depth-adjustable seat, a five-point harness, a depth-adjustable abductor, hip guides, lateral supports, a curved headrest and more! The Kanga TS Pediatric Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair frame accommodates most custom rehab seating and positioning systems. Available in Adult or Pediatric sizes.

    $7,000.00$7,400.00 $1,786.32$1,946.00

  • Wenzelite Kanga TS Seat Pan

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    The Drive Medical Kanga Solid Seat Pan from Wenzelite Rehab offers a lightweight yet strong solid support base that can be used with any wheelchair cushion. The Solid Seat Pan is available in three sizes.

    For model SKU 300288

    $490.00 $134.58$138.54

  • Seat2Go Positioning Seat

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    The seat by Wenzelite is perfect for children whom need assistance with their posture in seat. The contoured seat prevents the child from sliding forward and improves seating posture. The seat offers a 95 degree seat to back angle. It offers a double strap trunk support and belt for added safety from movement. It also contains two sets of seat straps under the seat and in the back pocket to secure the seat to any chair making it highly adaptable. The seat can even be used as an insert for a single or double stroller.

    $496.00$516.00 $203.80$211.16

  • First Class School Chair

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    Designed to assure good seating posture, the First Class School Chair is comfortable, attractive and adjustable. It is ideal for physically challenged children with milt to moderate involvement for use in the classroom, clinic, or home. Its multiple adjustments and accessories meet the needs of each child as they grow and develop. Simplifies use for multiple children in schools and clinics.

    $894.00$966.96 $338.14$367.43

  • First Class School Chair Support Kit

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    The Support Kit for the First Class School Chair provides full support and extra security while using the chair. An adjustable trunk harness focuses support on the sternum and rib cage to prevent forward slumping and maintain correct midline seated position. Depth adjustable abductors position the users knees and help control spasti muscles that can cause legs to cross. Lateral supports that are height and width adjustable help to align and stabilize the upper body.

    $554.40 $215.04

  • First Class School Chair Optional Footrest

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    Foot Rests for the First Class School chair provide safety when using the chair for transportation or for users with physical limitations. The heel hoops provide positioning and keep the users feet in place.

    $240.00 $100.46

  • First Class School Chair Legs w/ Casters

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    Mobility legs quickly and easily convert a First Class seating system into a convenient mobile chair. The four swiveling casters allow easy movement of the chair with the seated child. Wheels lock securely in place for security.

    $318.00 $144.24$158.66

  • First Class School Chair Anti-Tippers

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    Improve safety of the First Class seating system with anti-tippers. Anti-tippers provide additional stability and aid in preventing backward tipping. Added stability make these a great addition to your First Class School Chair.

    $88.00 $46.90

  • Trunk Support for Adult Safety Rollers

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    Trunk Support for Wenezelite Safety Rollers is a great solution for users with limited posture. The trunk support can support the torso at a desired angle to promote proper posture and gait. Comes in sizes Large or Small.

    $500.00$596.00 $196.25$231.55

  • Seat Harness for all Wenzelite Anterior and Posterior Safety Rollers and Nimbo Walkers

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    The Seat Harness for Wenzelite Safety Rollers provides support and assistance to users with trouble maintaining a symmetric gait pattern. The harness helps position the hips while walking and provides comfortable support. Comes in sizes Large or Small.

    $276.00 $113.89

  • Positioning Bar for Safety Roller

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    The Wenzelite Positioning Bar helps promote proper posture by positioning the user in the Safety Roller. The bar can be moved for adjustable handlebar depth.

    $128.00 $60.05