Zinc Oxide

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  • Remedy Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste

    Quick Overview

    • Remedy® Olivamine Calazime Skin Protectant Paste has a higher viscosity (thickness) than other skin pastes
    • Nourishes skin, helps treat and prevent diaper rash, wet and cracked skin
    • Calazime dries light exudates from compromised skin
    • Menthol cools irritated skin and calms inflamed tissue
    • Semi-breathable, long-lasting barrier protects torn or exposed skin against harmful stimuli
    • Nourishes skin with amino acids, antioxidants and pain control ingredients
    • Non-allergenic
    • Non-sensitizing

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  • CURAD Zinc Oxide Anorectal Cream

    Quick Overview

    • CURAD® Zinc Oxide Anorectal Cream is used for the temporary relief of local itching and discomfort in the perineal area associated with anorectal disorders.
    • Temporarily forms a protective coating over inflamed tissues to help prevent drying of tissues.
    • Temporarily relieves burning.
    • Temporarily protects the inflamed irritated anorectal surface.

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  • Soothe & Cool Skin Paste

    Quick Overview

    • Protects against moisture, urine and fecal matter
    • Zinc oxide and petrolatum create a thick protective formula that protects and absorbs excess exudates
    • Enriched with Allantoin and natural aloe to help moisturize
    • Vitamins A, D and E help nourish the skin

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  • Remedy Phytoplex Z-Guard Skin Protectant Paste

    Quick Overview

    • Indicated for the relief of discomfort associated with diaper rash caused by wetness, urine and/or stool and other macerated skin conditions.
    • White petrolatum-based formulation sticks on intact, irritated or denuded skin
    • Enhanced with zinc oxide, allantoin, natural oils and Phytoplex
    • Formulated without menthol or other analgesics that may cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin
    • Ideal for neonates, geriatrics, oncology patients and anyone with macerated skin
    • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash caused from wetness, urine and/or stool
    • Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked skin
    • Temporarily protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns

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  • Soothe & Cool INZO Barrier Cream

    Quick Overview

    • Ideal under tape
    • INZO leaves a non-greasy, invisible moisture barrier
    • Non-petrolatum formula won’t obstruct brief pores
    • Vitamins A, D and E nourish the skin
    • Ideal for ostomy sites or peri wound skin to protect skin from maceration damage
    • Prevents moisture, urine and fecal matter from contacting skin
    • Allows the skin to breathe without being occlusive
    • Formulated without dyes or perfumes

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